Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 398


Here is the video walkthrough for Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 398. If you stuck at Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 398 don’t sweat, this video walkthrough will help you to pass this level.

The newest Candy Crush franchise game! With modernized graphics, new fun game modes and a host of friends ready to help you succeed on hundreds of levels!

Your Candy Crush friends have been scattered in the Candy Kingdom. Play this match 3 to find them! Each character in this merry band has their own power and will help you create delicious candy combinations and get rid of blockers!

Move and match candies to unlock rewards, friends and pretty collectible outfits! The more candies you collect, the more grip you will have on the game board!

This new game is full of delicacies: cookies, jam, chocolate, and more! Your favorite game modes, more delicious than ever!

Features of Candy Crush Friends Saga:
· Hundreds of levels! Recover your favorite friends as you go!
· Your friends are your allies, they are there to help you succeed levels!
· Yeti and his friends dance when you succeed levels!
· Fun new ways to play: plunge the biscuit into chocolate, free the octopuses and mammoths!
· Collect your friends in a sticker album and change their outfit!
· Explore beautiful new worlds in 3D!
· Easy to play, hard to master!
· Play whenever you want, online or offline: you do not need Wi-Fi.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 398 Video Walkthrough


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