Palliative Care Defined

Palliative Care is a specialized system of treatment which aids in reducing the pain and/or symptoms and/or stress of chronic or acute illness. Palliative Care aims not only to improve the quality of the life of the patient but also of his family. Palliative Care can be administered at any time of illness. Palliative Care supplements and enhances the primary course of treatment of the disease.

As the main aim of Palliative Care is quality of the life of the patient and his family, it does not believe in the use same approach and methods to all patients. It offers customized treatments and approaches to individual cases. Each patient has a different disease and also a different stage of disease. Each patient differs in his attitude towards his disease. Each patient's approach to the treatment of disease is also different. Each patient's family also differs in the above aspects. But the mainstream treatment of a particular disease usually does not and has not time to take care of all these aspects. Here comes the need for Palliative care which specializes in understanding the needs of each and every patient and his family.

Palliative Care offers treatments to reduce or relieve symptoms such as pain, fatigue, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, shortness of breath etc. It gives the patient the strength and vigor to carry on his daily activities in a normal way. It helps the patient and his family to understand and choose the best possible medical treatment. It helps the patient to tolerate his treatments with as much ease as possible.

Palliative care is provided by a team of dedicated and experienced people from a wide range of fields. The Palliative Care Team consists of experts from different fields like doctors and nurses specialized in Palliative Care Treatments, social workers, physiotherapists, nutritionists and religious preachers. Palliative Care can be administered in hospital or at home or in any assisted living facility or nursing facility. Palliative Care is a gift to the world to ease the pain of diseases and treatments and ensure the quality of life of both the patient and his family.


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