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    Pediatric Palliative Care

    Children are usually full of energy and high spirits with a promise of bright future ahead. But when an illness threatens this bright and promising future, all concerned become desperate. Pediatric Palliative care comes as a blessing to child and his family.

    Children usually do not like hospitals and its procedures. Most of the times, they don't even understand why they need regular medical check ups and why they should go through painful medical procedures (for diagnosis of disease and treatment). Here, Pediatric Palliative Care, a specialized team consisting of experts from different fields can be of great help.

    Children usually do not communicate properly about their pains and stresses. They usually don't understand what exactly is happening to them. There is usually a communication gap with the patient and the doctor when the patient is a child. Here, also, Pediatric Palliative Care helps a lot. From the unfinished and unclear remarks of children, the team with child care experts, understands the real meaning of their remarks, and communicates the real problems to the doctor. This greatly helps in the effective treatment of the disease.

    Again, children are very reluctant to undergo certain procedures, to take necessary care and rest, to eat proper diet and also to consume medicines. Here also, Pediatric Care renders their helping hands to the patient and his family. The team finds means and ways to make the child understand and agree the needs and use of the medical procedures.

    Another area where Pediatric Palliative Care helps is in improving the condition of the family of the patient. The family finds it very difficult to accept the reality. The family also finds it difficult to make decisions on the proper method of treatment to be undertaken. Again, the family finds it difficult to deal with the child and his curiosities about medical procedures. Pediatric Palliative care takes care of all these aspects also.

    Pediatric Palliative Care, like the Adult Palliative Care, offers specialized services to relieve the pain, stress and symptoms of the disease. It takes care of not only the physical needs but also of the emotional, spiritual and social needs of the child and his family.

    Choosing the right hospice care can be tough when children are involved - but make sure to take your time, as this is hugely imporant.

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